Still Biking – Well More Scootering Really

Vietnam, do they even have rules of the road?

To answer the question above, no, frankly they don’t have any appreciable road traffic rules at all. The traffic is heavy and it comes at you from every direction. Actually I lie, there is one rule. You ALWAYS give-way to the largest vehicle. Even if you are already on a roundabout doing your lawful thing just like the highway code taught you, if you see a car or worse a truck approaching the roundabout, you give-way. Because he is for sure going to pull on to the roundabout straight in front of you.

Vietnam – My Covid Year

There was only one place to be during 2020 and that was Vietnam. Whilst the rest of the world was being totally devastated by the Corona Virus, Vietnam remained almost untouched. Incredibly fast and decisive action on the part of the Vietnamese government meant that the borders were almost instantly sealed and the dreaded virus was mostly kept out. Indeed at the the end of 2020 the death toll stood at just 35. I’ll say now that for everywhere, Covid was a major game changer. I got to Vietnam in late 2019 before it all kicked off so I was lucky to have seen it before it changed.