Welcome to my blog

How has it come to this? What could possibly have gone so wrong in your life that you have found yourself with nothing better to do than reading my personal blog? Whatever the reason for you finding yourself here, I view it as my gain and extend to you the warmest welcome. I welcome your positive feedback and comments, but please go easy on me, especially in these early days when I may find it difficult to handle your criticism, even when it is constructive 😀

What can you expect to find here? I don’t know, it’s not like I have a plan or anything. I woke up early (ish) this morning and have some time to kill before I can risk dragging herself out of bed so I find myself pressing some buttons on the WordPress site and starting this blog. This is my first posting. The one where I experiment with what buttons to press, how to format things and how to edit and save. I will keep it short in case the next button I press loses everything for me. Perhaps I will be able to come back and add more to this put later.

Many thanks for reading this … Barry

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